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Specjalna oferta na wanny z przeciwprądem.
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Jacuzzi Ogrodowe

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Kolekcje wanien Hot Spring® dopasowane do Twoich potrzeb i budżetu

Hot Spring® Advantages

With heat that soothes, crystal clear water that invites, and innovation that you can feel, a Hot Spring spa can help you Unleash Your Best Self ™.

Legendarny masaż w jacuzzi ogrodowym hot spring

Legendary Massage

With more than 40 years of hydrotherapy expertise, Hot Spring spas use specialized jet systems to provide a distinct and personalized experience.

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Łatwa pielęgnacja wody w wannach spa Hot Spring

Easy Water Care

Hot Spring offers exclusive technologies like the FreshWater® Salt System to help keep water clean and clear for a great hot tub experience.

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Hot Spring Wiodąca efektywność energetyczna

Leading Energy Efficiency

The Energy Smart® system uses a combination of innovative features to keep spa water hot and ready while keeping energy costs low.

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Wanny spa - Witalność każdego dnia

New headquarters of Pro-Wellness

The concept of our salon was created with the principle of "experience" in mind - that's why you can test our spa tubs before making a purchase to ensure they meet your expectations... Schedule a spa tub test session with us!


Vitality every day

Extraordinary things happen when spending time at Hot Spring Spa becomes part of your daily routine.

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Sports training

The water fitness center from Endless Pools will help you regain good health and achieve excellent physical and mental fitness.

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Wybierz model idealny dla Ciebie i Twoich bliskich
System solny FreshWater

FreshWater salt system - natural water freshness all year round.

The FreshWater system keeps the water naturally clean and gentle on the skin all year round. Take care of the comfort and safety of yourself and your loved ones.

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Buyer’s Guide

Get the information you need to make your best decision.

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Get answers to common questions about choosing the right hot tub, installation, maintenance, and more.

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Learning Center

Browse a variety of helpful resources about buying, installing, and owning a hot tub.

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