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Średnia ocena: Ocena rating jacuzzi ogrodowego Beam Ocena 4.7 / 5  na podstawie 44 recenzji użytkowników z całego świata na dzień 19.01.2021



The Beam is just what I wanted. It’s easy to operate and maintain. I haven’t had to replace the salt cell yet so I won’t comment on that yet. What was most impressive about the Hot Spring was the staff at Pensacola Pools in Gulf Breeze and Pensacola. They were awesome in the sales process, the delivery process and set up. I’ve called with questions and they are always more than happy to help.

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We absolutely love our Hot Spring Beam. We purchased the 120v tub with the salt water upgrade. We have had the tub for 4 months now and use it all the time. Excellent comfort and very easy to care for. We have a swimming pool as well, and this is so much easier to care for. We highly recommended the purchase of a Hot Spring Spa. My wife and I keep asking ourselves, “How have we lived this long before buying one?” You have no idea what you’re missing out on until you get in one of these amazing tubs!

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I have never been a hot tub owner, but have been around them for years (friends, resorts, cabins). I am surprised how much they have changed for the better. We totally love our Beam and, so far, all operating systems have been easy & user friendly. This is one of the best investments we have made.

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Ocena rating jacuzzi ogrodowego

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