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We were looking for a hot tub for our family, first we looked at Jacuzzi and I wanted to get one more option . We went in to the showroom and our salesperson Danielle was very helpful and answered all our questions. I liked the salt water system and ease of use/ownership which is ultimately what was the deciding factor for us. So far the unit is great and required very little upkeep.

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Easy to maintain, ready when ever you are, and looks great and inviting  

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A very high quality hot tub that will last for years. The moto master jets are amazing and the filtration is the best I've seen - 5 filter with 100% no bypass! It's extremely energy efficient. If you're looking for a long-term hot tub, this is it. If you're only looking for a couple years use, you won't get your return on investment. Only drawback was no calf massage - would nice to have you legs massaged in some of the seats without having to select a lounge model.

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